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You have to follow the accompanying methodology in the event that you need to eliminate your work: 

Takedown Request 

    Send your case by means of contact type of this site 

    The Claim must be written in English language, it must be justifiable and in respectful structure 

    The Claim must be sent from an organization mail, Claims sent from free help messages like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and so on will be dismissed 

    You must present a proof that shows that you are the copyright holder or that you are following up for the copyright holder 

    You must present a proof that shows that the substance is lawfully copyrighted and that you are the copyright holder 

    The materials that should be taken out must be given in type of material name and connections to coordinate music pages. We don't acknowledge connections to look through inquiries, classes or subcategories or media pages. 

    Provide adequate contact data with a substantial email address. 

Subsequent to adhering to this guidance, we will handle your solicitation and we will eliminate your work from our site. The name of your item will in any case remain recorded and any media page or further facilitated music on different sites will at present be accessible regardless of whether the document has our name on it or its portrayal. 

Great Copyright Claim Example: 

This is a notification as per the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (OCILLA) an aspect of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 mentioning the specialist co-ops to be held carefully obligated for the demonstrations of their clients and promptly stop the admittance to copyrighted material. 

We have found encroaching material on your site which to be sure is our music 'The Music' delivered on December twelfth, 2011. 

The material that is professed to encroach ought to be taken out or debilitated quickly and the development of theft ought to be evaded. 

The following are the URL for your reference:[URL TO THE MATERIAL 1][URL TO THE MATERIAL 2] 

We have great confidence and conviction that the utilization of the portrayed material in the way whined of isn't approved by the copyright proprietor, its operator, or the law. 

The data in the warning is precise, and under punishment of prevarication, that the griping party is approved to follow up in the interest of the proprietor of a selective right that is purportedly encroached. 

We thus proclaim that the data in the notice is exact apparently and conviction. 

Approval letter of the copyright proprietor (or individual/organization speaking to): 

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A record demonstrating that the materials are copyrighted and have a place with proprietor (or individual/organization speaking to): 

[Link to the document] 

Advanced mark for copyright guarantee: 

Full information including address, telephone, email and site. 

Copyright proprietors: 

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